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Why do you need a home inspection?

Whether you are buying or selling a property, it is important to be familiar with the condition of the property.

A qualified home inspector provides a thorough inspection and a detailed report for your property’s systems and components. We can also help you determine necessary repairs and improvements to ensure all safety regulations are met and your property is functioning at optimal efficiency. In addition, a home inspection helps you make an informed decision in determining the value of your property.

As an existing owner, it is also important to have your property inspected by a professional for safety reasons and peace of mind.

Why do you need an energy evaluation?

The purpose of the energy efficiency evaluation of existing houses is to improve the energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of existing low-rise housing stock in Canada by identifying and promoting opportunities for energy savings to homeowners.

The energy efficiency evaluation of existing houses measures the energy performance of houses, makes recommendations for improvements and provides energy ratings so that homeowners can gain a better understanding of personal, social and environmental benefits of making their home more energy efficient.

The Government of Ontario is committed to encouraging energy conservation, and will continue their efforts to help residents achieve their home energy efficiency goals.

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To inquire about a home inspection from Anchor Stone Inspections, please contact us.
To inquire about an energy evaluation, please contact our Certified Energy Advisor – Francis Ching (416-567-6868) or the service organization – BuyWise Inspection Services Ltd. licensed by Natural Resources Canada.

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